Friday, August 3, 2012

'Safeguard Your Heart' - District Convention-Day One

After exhausting every opportunity I could think of to attend this convention, I finally had to accept the reality that it just wasn't going to happen. I know in my heart that I have done everything I could think of to make it happen. So now I just have to "act" like a grown-up and let it go. Debbie came by yesterday to pick up some fruit
I had for her and was trying her best to think of a way I could come for just a little bit. She is known for being a "master problem solver".  Any way you look at it, it would require someone to bring me, someone to have a seat saved for me in handicapped and someone to pick me up after the session. The dropping me off and picking me up would have to take place after the beginning and before the ending of that days program. After talking with Debbie, I had not completely closed the door on making it to the Drama but no matter how many ways I look at it, I am putting someone out in one way or another and it just seems impossible.  Another huge problem involves me not only being active for periods of time but how my body reacts to the activity of having to sit or stand upright for any length of time. When I take a shower I have everything set up to get it done quickly.  Even then, I have had bad episodes before I could get everything done and had to recline for about 30 minutes before I could be active again.  Knowing I would not be able to recline anywhere there really makes it too difficult to consider.  Reminder to self - be a grown-up. 
Marlan had too much to do at home to come over early yesterday for our study.  Since she went with Sherry to the convention site later in the day to help set up First Aid, they stopped by on their way home. It was nice to see both of them for a little visit. They have been close friends for years. Their daughters grew up together and they have worked together several times. Marlan will feel better when she knows what course of action they plan for her next. All of those of us who love her deeply will feel better with her. Patsy sent me several text messages this morning from the convention but after realizing her idea of my listening through our cell phones and her trying to use her phone video wasn't going to work, she is just going to take good notes.  I got a text message from Jamie during the lunch break telling me she was thinking of me.
I really appreciated it. Such a smart, hard working young woman. Darrell sent me this picture
with the following message: "Good convention thus far. Lots of good info about the heart. Are you here?" I hated to tell him no. Then his daughter used his phone to send me this picture and comment:
"Hi Tricia, wish you were here. Love Vivi." She has really grown up this past year. Such a sweet young lady. She and Page play very well with each other when Page is here. I had to leave the computer for awhile and when I came back, I realized I had more pictures from the convention to share. These were taken during the lunch break. 
Amy and Karen saying hello and throwing me a kiss. Caption said: "kisses".
SheliaB, Bobbi, Kelani and Victoria  - all so pretty.
Jonathon, Renee and Jordan - nice big smiles.
The caption read: "All the young brothers send their love." Such handsome young men and in the right place to learn how to live life in the best way.
Caption said: Elaine says Hi!
Caption said: SheilaB made this and said to tell you hi. I responded with - "How did she make it and what is it?". He responded with - "The kids were playing with the red wax the cheese was wrapped in. When she made the figure into a chair, we said it reminded us of you." How sad is that? :)
Sweet Elaine waving good-by to me in front of the stage and sign. The afternoon session will be over in about 30 minutes. I'm sure they are all refreshed by the wonderful information, songs, experiences, interviews and association.  It has made me feel good to know they are missing me. I hope they know how much I appreciate it and that I miss them too. Thank you so much Darrell.....

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