Saturday, November 24, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 7

The last full day of our vacation has come and almost gone. We have to be out of here by 10am tomorrow so basically it is our last day. Kelly was hoping we could get a family picture with GG today. She wanted GG to sit on the swing with me and Dwight on either side of her and all the kids behind us. If it turned out, she was going to have one framed for GG to have in her room. Pam and Leif were going to a shower this afternoon so they took GG back on their way while Kelly, Brian, Douglas and Jessica were out together so we missed that opportunity.
They had a nice lunch together while they were out. Dwight went fishing down on the point but he said that even with his coat and ski-bibs on; the wind was cutting right through him.
I did finally get a few good pictures of my babies together. I think they have enjoyed being with cousins they very seldom get to see and Page totally enjoyed her time with little Ava. She also got to play and fly a kite on the big sand dunes with Greg, Stuart and Ava. It has been so nice being in a gorgeous 4 bedroom condo AND to be in the same building as Pam and Leif's condo they are renting on the third floor is. We could definitely get used to this.....
Page took a picture of me and I took a picture of Page's hand with the cute ring I gave her on it.
Pam just walked in with her favorite wine and she and Leif are going to take our picture with us wearing the sweatshirts Kelly bought us all. Pam said GG will enjoy having one of these too. I asked her if they enjoyed the shower and she said they had the seven layer dip with guacamole and beans, etc. at the shower and she ate it like a pig.  I love those dips too.  We had them at Kelly's graduation party.  I could eat one as a meal.  I asked Leif if he had a good time and he said; "that was the best baby showers I have ever been to".  Pam said he was being sarcastic but he did it very well because I believed him! :) Jessie just ordered a pizza for everyone to enjoy on our last night here. Might have more to add later so not posting this yet.
We didn't get the picture with GG we were hoping to get but got the next best thing. It is SO hard to get a picture that is good of everyone but after many tries, lots of laughter and groans, we got a few we could agree on. So happy Leif came down and put up with us long enough to get these few shots. They aren't too bad considering they were taken outside at night.  My little camera did a pretty good job.  The pizza has arrived and everyone is talking at one time - yes - the vacation is still going on. We are loving having Pam and Leif with us our last night here. I think Dwight has just said good night  to everyone.....

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