Monday, November 19, 2012

More Page and Outer Banks Day 2

I liked these pictures I took of Page when she was at the house several weeks ago. Her hair has gotten so long (I like it) and she has gotten much taller. Some of the underclothes I ordered for her didn't fit.  I hate that since it means Jessie will have to go to the trouble of returning them. Oh well.
I so hope the weather is better when they all get here on Wednesday. It isn't going to be warm but hopefully the wind will have died down. Deb said she felt like it was going to blow her off the bridge when she took GG home a few minutes ago.  GG was with us all day and seemed to enjoy herself.
I'm going to share a few pictures of the place we are staying. The first picture shows where we used to have a trailer down here.  The second one is the main deck off the living room and our bedroom.  The swing is wonderful - it has springs in it and bounces when you sit in it.  I LOVE porch swings like this.  We had one the whole time I was growing up and I've always loved them.  BigD is cooking one of his famous pastas tonight with shrimp and scallops.  Deb has started a puzzle we will be working on and there is another one for when the kids get down here.
This is mine and BigD's room and our bathroom that has the Jacuzzi tub and a great shower.  I think Deb is going to rent this unit this summer for Pam's daughter's wedding.  We found out they are definitely going to have the Fin Feather open in time for the wedding and Leif has already blocked out every room for the wedding.  I so hope we will be able to have one of the rooms. We have such good memories of staying there with Papa and GG from our many fishing trips.  We also stayed there for Pam's middle daughter's wedding a few years ago.  It turns out she is now pregnant with their first grandchild!  I can't wait to find out what she is having.  Believe it or not, we are all hoping for another little girl for Leif to love and spoil. His girls sure do love their Daddy.  We love him too. I slept pretty good in the bed last night.  I woke with my neck in a funny position and it was sore for a little bit.  I will try to get situated a little better in the bed tonight.  It was nice having me and BigD in the same bed for a change instead of the sofa and chair. I sent Gail a text message asking her how Miya is doing and she responded that she was waiting for her when she got there today. That made me smile.

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