Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 8

Not much to offer today. I woke up about the time Kelly and Brian were getting ready to leave. They hugged us all good-bye and got on the road. We got away before check-out time and realized we had forgot the fish (and cooler) in the freezer and Page's blanket. I text messaged Pam and she is going to get them. Dwight told her to go ahead and eat the fish.
We had a lovely day for the trip home. Jessie is a good driver and I'm a "pretty good" passenger with her. I gave her and another guy a good laugh. We stopped at a McDonald's for me to use the restroom and get a tea. I was focused on getting to the restroom before an accident happened; looked to my right and noticed two urinals attached to the wall. Of course I realized immediately that I was in the wrong restroom at the same time Jessie opened the door and said, "uh - Tricia" and I said, "I know - I'm in the wrong restroom". As I walked out quickly to go into the correct restroom, there was a guy in the booth nearby who was laughing his head off. I was laughing too. I've always been such a klutz and am very seldom embarrassed anymore which can be sad at times.  We made very good time and the traffic wasn't bad at all.  Of course we were on country roads for a large portion of the time.
Miya has split her time between my lap and laying under the covers with Dwight. Dwight has been asleep since we got home and every time he wakes up, he says he feels worse. Please don't let me catch it!!! Page was very careful around me at the coast but I have definitely been exposed to it from Dwight. Oh well - hopefully I will not catch it.  I really appreciate Debbie for taking such good care of our cats while we were away. She will never know how much it means to us. I'll finish unpacking tomorrow - right now I think my old body wants to rest. 

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