Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another milestone..

My sweet brother-in-law John (married to my sister Faye) turned 73 years old today. He is a little over 3 months older than my sister Alice.
This picture was taken at our 1999 Family Reunion.
This one was taken in 2001 when I had my sisters and their hubbies over for dinner one night. He has always been incredibly handsome. He is also one of the nicest people you will ever want to meet.  We had a lovely time that night with tons of cutting up and laughter going on. Poor John had a headache and I got a few pictures of him on the deck with my ice wrap around his head.
I also want to share a few of the pictures I "snatched" from Heather's blog of her pretty girls. She had so many of them that were excellent it was hard to pick just two to share. The "milestone" for these pictures is Little P being one month old.  It looks like KFC seems to enjoy being an older sister. Heather has made some of the cutest baby things I have ever seen like a little double-sided blanket made with openings for the car seat belts to go through and a little hood that fit over Little P's head. This is the first entry to her blog since early September so I was excited to see the pictures and get caught up with them a little. And life goes on.......

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