Thursday, November 22, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 5

Wow - can't believe we have already been here five days. Now that the entire family is here, there has been lots going on.
The first order of business was getting GG here. After all, she is the main reason we are all here this week, to see her and be with her. Every time I have seen her this week, I have been so happy that her wonderful children found this place for her to live. It makes it harder for most of us to see her on a regular basis but to know how happy she has been makes it okay.  I love her hair in this picture.
We have begged her to help us work on the puzzle every day. I call her a "puzzle meister" because she is so good at it. It has been great having Greg, Stuart, Ava and Len with us along with their lovely dogs Lilly and Dudley. Sadly, we have to visit the dogs upstairs or when they are on their way outside.  We can't have animals in our condo which is the reason Miya and Hiro aren't here. :(
Greg took this picture of Ava and Page across the bay from us. Page has on the cute hat Pam Wells made for her. He zoomed in on it for me and showed us our condo in the far background. These two little girls have enjoyed each other to pieces. Greg and I were talking about how both of them are able to play with children of all ages. We wonder if them being only children is one of the reasons. Kelly always wanted to be a only child and I told her she would have to be happy with being the only girl. I have always told my kids they are my favorite son or my favorite daughter. Coming from a family of five girls, we all used to tease each other by saying we were Mom's favorite. I really can't imagine a parent having a "favorite" child. I love both of my children the same - intensely.
Page modeled her new boots for me. She looks so tall in them - they have stacked heels. She also has some new short cowboy boots that look great with her new red skirt.
Douglas made good use of the sofa and at one point was snoring so loud I could hardly hear the TV. He got a really good and much needed nap.
Dwight and Jessie were busy in the kitchen. Dwight made a huge pot of delicious chili beans and yes,
I ate some. Jessie made some delicious sourdough garlic toast to go with it and Greg totally enjoyed it too. Jessie also made some of her pumpkin spice cookie/muffin tops. They too are good.
Kelly bought us all hoodies or hooded sweat shirts with Outer Banks written across them. Mine is white like hers and Dwight's is gray. She and Page snuggled in the swing on the deck. It was a beautiful night but I never did get to see the moon. I heard it was an unusual one.
The puzzle was finished. We have another one but I'm not sure we have enough time to finish it. Pam and Leif come home tomorrow and we are all looking forward to seeing them. The end of another wonderful day in one of our favorite places in the world with all our loved ones. How could we ask for more?

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