Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outer Banks Day 1

BigD got up and started packing pretty early. I finished packing my stuff after he left and was all done by the time Deb got there. We got on the road around 1pm and the vacation began.
We rode in Deb's very nice van and I finally got the seat adjusted to a position I could relax in. When we crossed the river, Deb had to literally fight the wind to keep us in our own lane. BigD said it was rough coming down pulling the boat but he got here safe and sound too.
The sun never really came out but the sky was bright enough that Deb had to wear her sunglasses. After we got here, BigD put the ham in the rotisserie, made potato salad and heated up his delicious fresh turnip greens he cooked Friday. Everyone loved the food - especially the greens. It was so nice being with GG. She looks great and really seems to be happy. We will go over to visit her tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing her place.
I started showing her some of the old pictures I had scanned and she really enjoyed them. They had to take her home so I promised her we would look at more tomorrow. It has been so nice being with our family. Pam and Leif are excited about becoming first time grandparents in a few months. I so hope it is another girl for Leif to love on (they had three daughters). Our condo is very nice. I love the little gas fireplace and of course I am now trying to figure out how to make it work at home again. I walked in and there is a nice leather rocking/recliner.  Pam brought her ottoman down and it  is "almost" as good as my chair back home.
We had already heard the great news that the people who own the Fin & Feather were going to repair and rebuild after the damage(see above) brought by a storm and are so excited to learn it has already been blocked for Pam and Leif's youngest daughter's wedding next June. We are going to reserve our room tomorrow for that weekend. So many wonderful memories for us there. Tomorrow I will take better pictures of the condo.  It is really 1:40AM Monday right now but I wanted to keep my posts in order.  I wish I was sleepy - the TV in our room isn't working right now.  Hopefully Pam will be able to figure it out tomorrow.  I wrote another post below getting caught up on a few things...... 

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