Friday, November 2, 2012

Memories of the lush greens of ......

I was reading a blog today and looking at the pictures of the lush greens of the English countryside and it made me remember mine and Marlan's trip across the pond.  We stayed in a beautiful 500 year old stone cottage that used to be a carriage house on the tidal River Severn.
So I went to Google and found the exact place we stayed in. Ain't technology grand? It is so funny to look down on this exact spot and know it was taken from high above. I just noticed part of the stone wall is no longer there. There is also a wire fence in the yard now. I wonder what happened? Maybe I'll email Rosie and ask her. I think they have also painted the outside wall yellow since we were there. What a wonderful adventure we had - good memories. We have an open invitation to go back but I don't see it anywhere in my near future. I just had the urge to fix myself a "cuppa tea". Want to join me?

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