Monday, November 26, 2012


OH MY Goodness – Please accept my apology for the mess I made of my entry last night. I just opened my computer and read the gobbledy-gook I wrote and have decided I definitely don't need to write on my blog when I am that tired. I tried to fix as many of the mistakes as I could find. I still haven't unpacked but am in no hurry. Dwight is definitely not feeling well and I’m still definitely hoping and praying I don’t catch it. We have agreed that we do not like cold weather. My old bones start aching when I even think about it. I emailed Jennifer at Duke for a re-fill on my oxy and called the drug store for another one. Dwight is getting a shower and hoping it will make him feel better because he has a few things he has to do. Miya is asleep on my legs and I'm having a nice cup of coffee. I can’t say ALL is well because poor Dwight isn’t but we are glad our babies all got home safe and sound and are both happy to be home.  We are also happy to have made some more good family memories with each other and with GG, Deborah, Pam, Leif, Greg, Stuart, Ava, Hobie and Lillie. We now have a wedding to look forward to that will take us back to this wonderful place.
I just went back and read a few of the previous entries and realized how often I repeat myself. Just blame it on the oxy, or my age, or whatever you want to blame it on. If it is boring - sorry. I refuse to go back and fix every entry.

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  1. I just got caught up on all of your vacation posts. Love all of the pictures of the family! And I love the one of Page and her cousin(?) where they are crossing the parking lot and Page is looking protectively before crossing, very sweet! I'm so glad you were all able to get away together and that you enjoyed your trip. Of course it went by way too fast, but that's how you know you enjoyed it :) And I love this picture of you 3 above, you look absolutely radiant :) Glad you're home safe. I hope Dwight feels better soon, and I hope you don't get it!


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