Friday, November 16, 2012

Family, friends, Dorothy Dog and more sad news........

I have run across some more old pictures and wanted to share. This is the first professional picture taken of  Douglas when he was about
 6 weeks old. I love the smile on his cute little face. He was such a happy little boy. Mama would pull it out at work and show it to her coworkers and who would come over to her station from time to time and ask to see it again.
I love this one of Kelly and some of her friends. The little boy is Patsy's son who is 2 years older than Kelly. He was her very first friend and they played very well together. She was about 5 years old in this picture.  The little dark headed girl is Sandy, Judy's daughter.
I love this picture of Alice in her cat-eye sunglasses. She used to wear regular glasses that looked like this too. She is the only one of us that had to have glasses other than for reading as we got older. She had to have them while she was still in school.
I love these pictures of Dwayne and his wife Joy and of my cousin Evelyn (Dwayne's sister), me and Dwayne at one of our family reunions.  It still doesn't seem real that both he and Joy died within 9 months of each other this year.  Evelyn has been so sad for a long time now.
Their mother is the last of Mama's generation in her family. She was my mother's sister-in-law but Mama loved her just like her real sisters. I can only imagine how sad her heart has been this year also. She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for years but keeps on plugging along.
We lost another old friend this week - Joyce Godwin. We have the same spiritual Mom and she and my sister Alice have remained very close through the years. This is Alice's daughter, Monica with her son Artie. I know he is so sad to lose his Mom - she has taken care of him for years because of his poor health. Sidney will perform the graveside service for her funeral on Saturday.
I rode with Dwight out to Monica's house yesterday. They live out in the country and Dwight had a part for the lift he had gotten for her hubby Tom he had to take out to him. I enjoyed seeing them but especially dear Dorothy Dog. As soon as I sat down, she got up beside me with her head in my lap. The first time Monica brought her over here many years ago, I was sitting on the daybed talking to Alice, Joyce (the friend who died) Butch and Monica. Dorothy Dog jumped up beside me with her head in my lap and we have loved each other since. Monica swears she knows who I am even though we don't see each other often.
This is their other dog Penelope. She was a rescue and had evidently been terribly mistreated. She will bite anyone but Monica so she has to be on a leash when out in public.
Sid Jr. brought Tom over today to pick up my car that has a problem with the passenger side window. He got that black eye yesterday when he walked into the lift. Bless his heart. Sid Jr. held his fist up to make it look like it was from a fight.
I found a picture of Charles with his lovely bride Virginia. I still can't believe he died so soon after Ennis. The last I talked with him he said Virginia is still pioneering but that was awhile ago as I mentioned before.
On a happier note, I snatched this picture of my distant cousin, his wife Kim who is Gail's daughter and their little girl from Facebook. It is a good picture of all three of them.
The top picture is Miya in Zandra's suitcase when she came up to stay with me this past weekend. The other picture was taken in 1986 or 1987 I believe. Her daughter is 3 months older than Kelly. We always laugh because the kids have not spent much time together but every time they have been together, it is like they have been friends for years.
I was supposed to have acupuncture this afternoon but I cancelled. It was wet, cold and I haven't felt well at all. This is the building where I have acupuncture. I hope Janet wasn't upset that I cancelled so late but  just realized I don't have any appointments for the next few weeks and I'm very happy about that..
I'll close this entry with a picture of Paisley. What a beautiful little girl. I don't know if I will have wireless next week. I left a voice message with the representative to ask if they provide it and haven't heard back.  I'll sign off for now - it is quite late/early and hopefully I'll sleep through the night.

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