Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 4 and an Announcement

I guess you could say we have hit "hump" day - the middle of our vacation. That means half of our time has flown by. BigD and I rode down to Stumpy Point early today to see if it would be a good place for them to go fishing later.
While BigD fished off the little bridge, I saw three otters swimming down the canal catching and eating fish as they went!!!! So cute!!!!! One of them stopped to eat and looked like he was standing in the water looking at me. I tried my best to get a picture but they wouldn't cooperate. After we made a "pit" stop at a nice little grill/service station, we drove back across the bridge and looked everywhere until BigD found some oysters to go with the steaks he was going to cook tonight.
Dwight knows how to cook a steak. As a matter of fact, I remember that David (GG's husband) cooked a great steak too. I think one of the secrets is to rub butter on it as it cooks on the grill.
I was so happy to see that Kurt, Leah and Page2 got here safe and sound. My neighbor had sent an email saying they left the house around 9am driving my car so he assumed the people who slept in my house last night was Kurt and family. :) GG's oldest grandson, his wife and little girl arrived after visiting with GG for awhile. They are staying in Pam's condo with Len, his dog Dudley and their dog Lilly.  Eventually they were all here waiting for dinner to be cooked. At one point they walked over to Strikers with Len for a drink and we kept little Ava for them because she and
Page were playing so well together. Instant friends these two...
Here they are getting ready to do the "camel walk" - look at little Ava's butt up in the air!
I shared this blurry one of Page and Stuart to show just how tall Page is getting these days. I absolutely love how Page can play with children of any age - one of the reasons she is still such good friends with Boy. Boy and Biscuit would love little Ava too - she is wide open like they are.
I can see them now on the farm - running and playing until they dropped. I love Ava's hair - thick and pretty like her Mama's. We totally enjoyed having them with us last night. I shared some of the older pictures I had scanned of Papa (what Greg calls GG's hubby) and GG with Greg and he loved them. I text messaged Pam and Deb that there was a party going
on and Pam was so glad they had come down to be with us. This was Pam right before they left for Durham earlier today. She will be home Friday morning. I was getting "antsy" waiting for Page1 and Bentley to get here. They had a nine hour plus drive and finally got here pretty late. Page has a really bad cold and I felt so bad for her.  Greg had waited and waited because he really wants to see Page. They are the two oldest of that generation but the funny thing is, Greg's GG is Page's Aunt - not her grandmother. So Greg is the son of Page's cousin - making him her second cousin. FAMILY --  Fun, Fun.

Now for the announcement - I'm going to stop using nicknames and middle names for everyone other than our young children.  It is crazy trying to keep up with who is who and many people email me asking me who is who so to start with my immediate family - Page1 is Kelly, Kurt is Douglas/Doug, Leah is Jessica/Jessie and BigD is Dwight. Page2 will just be Page from now on.  My sisters are Alice Rose, Faye Ruth, Amy Saundra and my oldest sister who died a few years ago was Barbara Ann.  Barbara's children I talk about are Lee Warren, Paul Naoki, Lolo is Lori and their son will continue to be Michael.  Brother in-law Wayne is Sidney and his and Alice's children are Sid Jr and Monica Dee.  I think that is all the people I've mentioned.  My friend's - Roseanne is Marlan, Gail is Debbie and Keith is Matt so I think that is everyone that I talk about a lot.  Sorry to be so confusing.

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