Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 3

Deb pulled out one of the two puzzles that are here yesterday and we got started on it. We had a bigger one at the coast 12 years ago when we were all together down here.
Jessie and Douglas weren't with us because of work and Page was still in the NICU unit at the hospital in Virginia Beach where they lived, having been born almost 10 weeks before. GG, Pam, Deb and I drove up one day to have lunch with Jessie and then I took them to the hospital and held Page up for them to see her through the window. They all teared up because they were expecting her to still look like she did when she was born and what they saw was a little bitty dumpling. She had filled out a little bit and was soooooo cute.
This is when she was a year old. I couldn't find the ones from when she was younger so will save that for another day.
Back to the puzzle - I know, I have a wandering mind. GG sat down and worked on it with me for a little while yesterday. She can rock a puzzle - it is amazing how quickly she can spot those two little pieces that will fit together faster than any of us can. BigD tried fishing again but the wind was still blowing too hard so he gave it up. Pam took some leftovers to work for lunch and text messaged me telling me how good it was a second time. He made one of his famous pastas with shrimp and scallops.
We were happy to see Len got here safe and sound. I hated having to tell him his little dog Joey isn't allowed in our condo. Makes me sad because Hobie isn't allowed either so we go up to Pam's and love on him there. I love that older picture of Len (he was much younger there) but he really does look great. He said he felt great too and his reports are all good still. He talked a little about how brutal his chemo had been. Len took GG back to her place and we all laughed about how she was probably so bored with all of us because she is so active and has tons of friends where she lives. It makes us so happy to see her so happy.  Leif went down the street to Strikers and picked up dinner for everyone and Len insisted on paying for everything. I had him pick up one of their really nice desserts for me to eat on the rest of the week - a blond brownie with chocolate and raspberry sauce and ice cream on the side. I called Debbie to see how Miya has been about taking her meds and she said Miya was waiting for her every day.  I hope it stays that way once she has Hiro there to keep her company.  We  are almost at the half-way point of our vacation. I sent everyone a text message saying how I wish I could explain how contented I feel and the only thing that could make it better is when ALL my babies are here with me. Ahhhhhhhh.

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