Friday, November 23, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 6

Hard to believe our week is almost over. Kelly seems to feel a little better. I hope I feel better tomorrow than I have today. I'm not sure why but today just hasn't been a good day for me as far as the pain goes. After my shower today I realized I kind of like my new hair. Dr. Brizel told me my hair might come back a different color and texture but it never occurred to me that it would be this curly. I'm sure it is from the radiation because the top hasn't changed that much and most of the radiation was around the lower part of my face and head. I'm not sure if it will last but have decided to enjoy it while it does.
I love Page's purple jeans and cute top. Kelly braided her hair and it has lasted all day long. Douglas has talked about learning how to braid her hair in the past and I so wish he would. It looks so good and stays neat so long.
I also love Ava's hair. It is so thick and curly. Page went with them to climb the dunes and pick up GG and bring her back.
I love how Page is holding her back until they look both ways. These two beautiful girls have been a delight to be around the whole time they've been here. I hope they will always have good memories from their time together this week.
They took turns playing on Doug's little thingamajig. Yeah - that is how technical I am. Sadly these two know more about this stuff than I will probably ever learn. Dwight, Douglas and Jessie went fishing today and had a great day for it. They didn't really catch anything to keep but they were very happy to be out on the water.
I sat in the swing for awhile and noticed my bathroom window from the outside. Cool idea - lets light in without anyone being able to see inside. GG and I finally had to come back inside because the sun was so hot. We went upstairs for a visit and I got to love on Hobie for a few minutes.
This is the best picture I could get of pretty Lilly. Makes me sad because she really is such a sweet dog. We are happy to have Pam and Leif back home.  Tomorrow will be our last day here. Dwight is about ready to go home tomorrow instead of waiting until Sunday.  He gets to a point when he's had enough and is ready to be back in his own home on his own furniture.  Jessie made her famous broccoli casserole tonight and they are eating shrimp and other good stuff with it while we are watching The Avengers again. Only people who grew up reading comic books will understand the love of these stories. Dwight can't stand them so I guess he didn't read comic books! :)  

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