Thursday, November 29, 2012

I wanted to share a few pictures I took of the moon last night from my chair. They aren't the best pictures but you get the idea of how pretty it was.
They actually turned out pretty good considering I took them without a flash and across the room from the window. I asked Dwight how it felt outside today and he said it felt pretty good so I went for a short walk in the yard. I can tell I'm going to have a hard time going outside in the cold. I did okay but found it to be a little uncomfortable. It takes forever to get warm once I get chilled and it really isn't that cold yet.
I got this picture of Matt and Jen in a text message saying "wish u were here". I had sent him a text message saying I wished he was here because my Kindle Fire is acting up and I didn't see this response for awhile. Two of my favorite people - Cute! I am still fighting the cold Dwight has and knew I should not be around the friends tonight so I listened in to the meeting. I miss being with the friends so much. The opening and closing prayers tonight mentioned those listening in so I'm thinking there are several that are having to listen in. Such a wonderful provision. Matt did a great job on his part tonight.  Alice told me a funny story about the new Circuit Overseer. She really likes him and says she can't wait until I meet them. She sounded so upbeat it made me smile. Dwight got some of the fresh sausage he gets every year around this time today. He is planning to give a lot of it to some family and friends. The man will kill another hog a little later and Dwight will get some of that sausage also.  He had to clean the freezer out to find a place for all of it. Steve
gave Dwight a pot of leftover vegetable beef soup he had made and it was quite good. I am finding that I can't eat a lot of anything at one time.  I threw up today and I think it was the second cup of coffee I had that did it.  After eating half a bowl of the soup, I felt a little sick so will have to watch it.  

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