Saturday, October 16, 2010

10th Month, 42nd Saturday of 2010

Wow - only 10 more Saturdays in the year 2010!!! The leaves have been beautiful this year even though we had a very hot summer. As usual, they always remind me of when Mama died - how beautiful the tree she looked at out her bedroom window was that particular year. It was pretty much a perfect Autumn with crisp mornings, bright sun and warm afternoons before getting cool again. It also makes me remember how many leaves there were in her yard every year. She loved raking leaves though and would do just a little every day until she got tired. When I ride past her house now, I don't even look at it much. The people who bought it have changed so much about it - some of it I'm sure good but they have cluttered up the outside so badly, it isn't anything like when Mama lived there. The did level the backyard where Daddy always had his garden. Ummm - good tomatoes from that garden - hard to find them anymore. It seems there are plenty still left to turn but I dread when they all look like this. I'm in the process of transferring documents, programs and pictures from my faithful old HP-laptop to my spanking brand new Dell laptop - a gift from a very dear and special friend. I can't remember when I bought the HP but it has been a good computer and used constantly. The new one will be easier for me to transport since I take it with me everywhere I go now. I'm giving the HP to Page. I know she would love to have an Apple and I would love to be able to get all of us one of those but this will be something she can use until she does decide to buy what she want. At first I wasn't sure she wanted it but got an email saying the more she thought about it, the more excited she was. After I get everything I need from the old one, my computer guru is going to wipe the hard drive clean and upload all new programs for her. Whoo Hoo! Our accountant came by yesterday and downloaded a newer version of QuickBooks for me so we could transfer BigD's company. I hope it doesn't take me too long to figure out so many new "things" to learn. BigD came home from the coast today - the wind was blowing and they had some good fishing. I think they all decided it might have been one day too long to stay down another day. Leah sent me a picture on my phone showing how excited Page2 and her little friends were to be riding in a limousine. They were all dressed in princess outfits knowing they were going to see Cinderella on Ice but had no idea about the surprised limousine. Tre'Cool! I think the Mommas were pretty excited too.Page and Boy will have lots to share with each other when we are all together at the beach over the holiday weekend. I'm not going to post the exciting pictures of Boy and his parents at Disney World - they are already on her blog for all our friends to see. We are going to have comfort food for dinner tonight - Nathan's franks, baked beans and macaroni and cheese. YUM

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