Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little tidbits...

A picture of Page and her friends who were given a limo ride to see Cinderella on Ice. Aren't they so cute?I can't help but wonder who enjoyed the limo ride better - the girls or the women? I think they all did - how special. Ruth's gorgeous son and daughter-in-law getting ready to attend the Firemen's Ball. Could either one of them be any prettier? And I couldn't leave out their beautiful little Paige in her cheerleader outfit. I want to snuggle that little one again soon.And last but not least, a picture I snatched of GG's youngest son with her oldest grandchild. He was born in August, Page was born that next January and GG's oldest granddaughter was born the next March. What wonderful memories come flooding back of our babies laying on their blankets while we sat around GG's table eating, drinking coffee and talking about our babies.

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  1. Love that they took the girls in the limo! I know Page 2 was grinning from ear to ear all night!


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