Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another sad day.......

After dropping Page off for her last day of training, I swung by and picked up coffee and breakfast for Ruth before heading over to hospice. Sadly her brother died between 10:15 and 10:30AM. I feel so sad for Ruth. I know she was grateful they had gotten to hospice before he died. This is my fourth experience with hospice and I'll have to admit that for the most part, they do a wonderful job. My sister Rose called me from the funeral home tonight to tell me he looked very young and handsome so I know Ruth and her mom will be pleased by that. After I left hospice, I took a long ride so I could try to sort through so many emotions. I ended up close enough to swing by Bob's BBQ abd picked up some for us and Ruth and her family for sandwiches. After I picked Page up from her last day of training, we dropped by to leave the BBQ and check on Ruth. She told me her Mom wanted me to go with them the next day to write Kenneth's obituary and would let me know what time. After we left there, we dropped by Jeri's house for Page to see her and as many of her family who might be there. It turned out she got to see all her sons except one including one of the ones she played with as a child. This is her next to the oldest son who told Page about one of his earliest memories of going to the beach with me, BigD and Page fishing when she was just a baby. He loves to tell that story because of how we ran out of gas and how BigD put gas (mixed with oil) from the boat into our car and we smoked all the way home. He is a handsome man isn't he? All of her children are beautiful to me. I have so many wonderful memories of not only her family but of long private conversations late into the night about different situations that come into women's lives. She will be missed by so many people - especially her wonderful large family. After we left there and came home, Page went to visit a good friend and her son. Once she left, I finally "crashed" foot will not even fit into a bedroom shoe at this point so between that and not being able to stop thinking about everything ----- I stopped.

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