Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family and friends.........

We were making calls way out in the country and met this little "watch cat". It just so happens the woman who lives in this beautiful place went to school with me (one year behind). This little guy reminds me so much of our Charlie. Charlie was one of our "special" cats who became a very close member of our family. While we were out there, we stopped by another old classmate's house. His wife (one year behind me) called out to him from the porch to tell him I was there and he yelled up from where he was working on his boat to me. He was actually one year ahead of me I think. It all runs together but both of them live in beautiful places on their parent's old farms in newer homes. I also snatched this photo of a young friend and her Mom from FB. Aren't they both beautiful. She was up visiting her Mom who lives quite a ways from here up North. I've become her Mom's friend via conversations on FB while we followed the adventures of her granddaughter who served in the DR for awhile and then through her engagement and wedding and now as newlyweds. It turns out we have quite a bit in common.I also just found out my niece is a grandmother for the second time. One of her twins and his wife had a baby boy. I had no idea they were even expecting. I let my nieces and nephews know they needed to let me know what is going on because if they are expecting my sisters to tell me they would be disappointed. And this one I blatantly snatched from my friend's blog so I could make sure more people saw it than would see it only on her blog. This is her little girl who is rapidly becoming a big girl. Look at that smile.I'll close with a picture from Big D's family - 4 generations of beautiful women. The one in the middle back is Big D's cousin, the one on the right in the green sweater is the widow of her brother (the cousin Big D grew up with), the gorgeous blonde is their daughter and the little girl is her daughter. Confusing? Not to those who know them. I still choke up everytime I think of losing him so quickly and young. Think of them all so often.

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