Friday, October 22, 2010

Nature at it worst and best?

This is what is left of the fire ant episode - still a little red and little swollen but think it is on the way to being healed. So glad I can wear real shoes now that the mornings are so nippy. I know every thing in creation has a good purpose but I'm really trying hard to figure out what good things these little buggas do. I really believe my severe reaction was a combination of the ant being trapped between my foot and my shoe and where the bites were on that bone in my foot. I opened my Bible in service today and this is what I found at the scripture I was planning to read at the door. I had forgotten I put it in there when I found it several days ago. You can't tell by looking at it now but it was a beautiful red. I had a good morning in service - Eileen came out and we had her study over the lunch break. Then I ran my errands with her meeting me at Costco to have me try on a little cotton/corduroy jacket she picked up for me. It was snug so she then met me outside Kroger with a bigger one that fit perfectly. She is so sweet! I tried to get a picture of the full moon with my cell phone on my way into the meeting last night - it was gorgeous.

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