Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to normal.....not even close....

Wow - not even close is correctamundo. I put the title to this post up last night and here I am on Tuesday night at 10:15pm finally getting around to posting. Oh well - at least I've had two great days in service - maybe I am getting back to normal. I had to share this telephone picture I took of the squash blossoms on a porch from yesterday. LOVE the yellow. After dropping my car off with my sweet mechanic, my dear friend SheilaB picked me up and took me to meet the friends for service. It was a good day - worked some nice territory and placed some literature. Also got to work with a young woman I have come to love very much. Then I had to go back to the garage to reclaim my car which took about 1.5 hours. BigD came through again and figured a way to get the car "legally" inspected without having to spend $500+ on a sensor. I love my mechanics....My sweet Miya is getting better at hiding when it comes time for her to take her meds. That little lump is her trying to be invisible. I see you Miya!Ruth is hoping to go home this weekend if she can take care of tons of paperwork so we had her over for pizza and wine before she goes.

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