Sunday, October 24, 2010

43rd Sunday, 10th Month, 2010th Year....

Wow - a busy weekend but a good one. There are only 9 more Sundays left in this year. I got a call from Ruth right before the meeting today. It seems her children's Dad fell off a ladder yesterday and is in the ICU in Orlando. After the meeting, I picked up some pizza from our favorite place and took it over to share with her and her Mom. I got to sit in one of her Mom's new chairs after we ate. We waited for her children to get back to us with more details about their Dad's condition. It isn't great news but they are in a wait and see mode right now to determine just how much damage has been caused. He broke his back, breast bone and rib and has a small bleed in his brain. An enzyme test indicates he has either had a heart attack or may be in the process of having one. Because he continues to thrash about, they are having to keep him sedated to protect his back. On top of that, they can't treat the heart because of the bleed in his brain. Hopefully Ruth will get more of the endless paperwork from her brother's death completed in the next few days and can go home for awhile. I know she wants to be with her children.Leah and Kurt babysat for some friend's dogs this weekend and she sent me this phone picture of one of them getting her belly rubbed. I'm on the lookout for a small sized older dog for Ruth's Mom. A lady who rescues dogs brought one over today for her to look at. It was a cute little thing but she wants $200 for it - said for her she would only charge $150 because of what she has gone through. That just doesn't seem right. Leah also let me know they will be down this coming weekend. I'm keeping Page while they go to a big party out near Roxboro with some other friends Saturday night. They plan to leave early Sunday because there is going to be a big bonfire for the kids up there Sunday evening. Can't wait to see them. Busy week ahead.....

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  1. Love Bonfires, I'm sure they will have fun! I feel so sorry for that family! And the guy, man, that a lot of stinky things to happen to someone, especially all at once.
    Check craigslist for free older dogs that people just can't keep any longer.


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