Saturday, October 9, 2010

Farmer's Market and Page leaving....

Most of the swelling has gone down but I can still only slip on my skinny strap flip flops or bedroom shoes. The blisters are still there and swollen around it. We slept a little later than planned but finally picked up GG and got on our way to Farmer's Market! Of course Page2 and I were disappointed to learn that Daisy Cakes wasn't going to be there! Bummer! I got a parking place real close which was good for GG. The first thing I bought was a good cup of coffee! Yum! We all kind of go our different ways and then come back together several times (what did we do before cell phones?). I also bought a nice home-made buttermilk donut! It looked kind of like a muffin that had been dipped in sugar. I ate it for dessert after lunch and it ROCKED! You could actually taste the buttermilk in it and it was so FRESH! I will stop by this booth again.It was so nice having GG join us and we enjoyed our brief time at the market - there weren't as many booths because of the time of year but it was a lovely day to walk around.I bought this little clip for Page2. She can wear it alone in her hair or on her hats.I loved the aprons this vendor makes also and was so tempted to buy this one but sanity prevailed. I am such an emotional buyer - if it evokes any emotion that feels good - I want to BUY IT! Not good!I have no idea what these guys were about. Their music was great but the one on the ukulele - tre' not chic! When we got to the Market, we heard these three people laughing very loud - they were part of a group of people doing something called "laughing yoga" and I'm sorry but it just wasn't working on any level I could see. I can't forget the Dahlias I bought. They are a small bunch but I love them and they work on all levels.:-) Leah brought some of the pictures taken of Page2 who turned 10 this past month. Between the ones taken at Sears, WalMart, the wedding and by Leah herself, we have tons of nice pictures - too many to choose from actually. After we left the Market, we went to three little shops on Main Street I had noticed when leaving the funeral home. I bought a pair of funky earrings but the shop was very hot and expensive. The other one we really wanted to see was closed. GG came home with us and I fixed chicken salad over spinach with Gouda and Havarti cheese, fresh apples and wheat crackers on the side. It was good. BigD took GG home and Page started getting ready to go to the airport --- the few days we had were great but I'm already missing her.It isn't a very good picture but I wanted to share the lovely gift Bentley sent me. It is a really nice watch just like Page and Leah's. What a wonderful surprise - even more surprising is it isn't bothering my wrist. This is the first thing like this I've worn on either hand since I broke my arm and had the plate put in. Thank you again Bentley! So sweet.You probably noticed GG in the previous picture - Yep - we went back and got her for supper - BigD cooked fish, tartar sauce, french fries, cole slaw and hushpuppies. Oh yeah - it was good. She said she really enjoyed being with us today and we all enjoyed having her. As I was coming home from dropping her off I called Ruth. She was in Fayetteville where she went to pick up her hubby and they decided to spend the night. She was talking about what a nice suite they were in. She needs a break and can have one now that Ami is with her Mom. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have to wash clothes and start getting ready for the beach, get everyone together for the visitation at the funeral home, say good-bye to the rest of my family and get packed so I can leave for the coast right after the graveside service Monday. Eileen's daughter helped us find someone to play guitar and sing a few songs at the service tomorrow so hopefully everything has been taken care of. I think I'll do something strange and try to get to bed before 1am tonight.

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