Monday, October 25, 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend - especially if she buys them for herself .....

Oh yeah - I love nice diamond earrings just like this one. Ever since my bosses' hubby bought her a nice pair one year, I've known I would love a pair like this. I wish I could say these are mine but that would be a big fat lie! Anywho - I just found out (from the person who belongs to this ear) that if you have a diamond anything - you can take it to the jewelry store and trade up - paying the difference in value - not a bad deal to be able to have exactly what you want. BigD bought me a pair of tiny ones for my back hole one anniversary that I never take out. My sister Ann gave me a pair that have gold around them when she died and they are sweet. But the ones above are really more of what I would love. Not as much as I want a smaller Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner but right up there with it. LOLOLOLWe had a nice rain today. I didn't get any sleep at all last night -stomach issues and then just couldn't get to sleep until around 6am until 9:45am. I called the friends and they brought me some NH's so I could write letters but haven't really had much time. Got my hair cut, took care of some business and before you know it - the sun is setting. We do still have some pretty leaves to fall so hopefully this will be a good week to be out. Ruth called to say she is finally going home tomorrow. Hopefully Lane will be okay but I get the feeling his recovery will be lengthy. I told her BigD and I are going to miss her - she has been here almost 3 months. We had gotten so used to her being here, BigD would say, why don't you call Ruth and see if she wants to come over for dinner. Will miss that.....

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  1. I would love some nice diamond studs! maybe one day in my dreams.... :)


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