Saturday, October 23, 2010

Intervention - Nah. Just good food and friends...

Okay - I woke around 9am, ate a bowl of cereal and got started - deciding to focus on the kitchen, living room and bathroom - hello? I stacked piles in my room and office that will take me days to wade through. I'm not going to use the "clutter" word in this post - I promise. It has become pretty redundant to say the least. My pictures didn't turn out too good today but I did get a few. I have known Judy since around 1969 - I used to go with "our" spiritual mom on her and her sweet hubby's study. She arrived early - thank goodness - to find me still in my nightgown with "stuff" to do. As always, she pitched right in and cut up some fruit for me, put the spinach dip in the bowl and placed the crackers around it and washed the few dishes left while I jumped in the shower. People were showing up as I tried to cool down while pulling on clothes, putting on a little mascara and blowing my hair just enough to keep it from dripping on my clothes. My face stayed red forever from getting so heated up while cleaning and (hiding stuff). I just remembered, this is what happened at the last gathering I had here she came to except I never cooled down completely that night. Most of us got a glass of wine (or beer) and then sat for a bit to introduce ourselves to each other and tell a little about how we came to be here. Then we helped ourselves to some really good food. I'm usually good at getting pictures of food but this is the only one that halfway came out. Not sure what I was doing wrong. This picture doesn't come close to showing how much food we had and it was all so yummy. We continued our conversations - some people getting caught up, some finding out more about others and everyone encouraging Shenni to continue moving forward and telling her the importance of getting to the meetings. (Shhh- don't tell GG I was using her glass.) Even though I joked about this being an intervention for her - she started relaxing and seeing that these were just women like herself. They had experienced everything she has so far and were encouraging her to take the next step. She also saw that they were not only okay - they were so much stronger for doing it themselves. Of course I had to get on Lin and Ann - they had their own little party going on. Those two just can't get enough of each other and it makes me smile every time I think about it. Miya Chula Yum-Yum had to greet everyone in her own way and thank goodness we only had one person here who doesn't love cats. She insists on touching them up close and personal - even butting heads with them. We had some great desserts also including pumpkin rolls my sweet friend Gail insisted on making and bringing over even though she was going to another gathering she had cooked for and they were the bomb! Lin brought her delicious Lavender Tea Cookies and they were a huge success and I can't leave out the chocolate fudge cake Shenni brought. Yum. We all got some tea and dessert and then had BigD come in to take our picture. WOW - as I look at this picture - my cup actually does runneth over - what a privilege and honor I have been given to have known each and every one one of these women - some for over the past 40 plus years. To have been given the huge responsibility of teaching them the Bible (one with Judy's help) so they could decide for themselves what they wanted to do with that knowledge and the extreme joy when they made the right decision. WOW.


  1. what a special day. you have been so blessed.

  2. Good food, good friends, good fun! Hope the "intervention" will prove successful!


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