Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spoke too soon....

Okay - so I spoke too soon. It was in the high 80's today so I can't swear that Autumn is "officially" upon us. It got downright steamy and hot today. You will have to admit that is a beautiful blue sky though. The only thing that saved us was a nice strong breeze later in the day. Of course I don't hesitate to turn on the AC when needed either. We had a great group this morning with Keith taking the lead. We have had some new people added to our congregation due to relocation, etc., and one of them joined us later in the afternoon. Even with the heat, I had a great day though - my sweet Katarina and her beautiful daughter Kena joined me for service all day!!Ami and Luz were with us this morning and then Ami went with Keith and Rie in the afternoon. I wanted Katarina to meet one of my older RVs - Grace - who is almost 95 and still lives alone, only reads large non-fiction books (mostly biographies), works the crossword puzzle every day and is one of the smartest women I know. Katarina surprised me with a delicious gift and wonderful card. As you can see - it is a dragonfly. I do believe almost everyone who knows me now is aware of how much I love dragonflies. Rosanne already knew about the dragonfly but had not seen the really thoughtful card Katarina gave me with the magnet. We both agreed she is a very special young woman and we both love her very much. Katarina calls Roseanne her "chosen" mother. As you can see, I have put it on the fridge with my other "special" magnets from friends, family and trips/adventures. The new sister I mentioned just recently moved down from Detroit, Michigan to live with her son after her husband died last year. She kept going on and on about how beautiful it was here and wanted to know if we were in the country. I told her not really but that I would take a few minutes to let her experience being in the country. I took her out Geer Street to Redwood to Cheek and then out on the bridge crossing Falls Lake into Creedmoor and back. She was amazed by how "we" build houses on hills instead of making everything level. Poor baby - can tell she has lived in the city her whole life. She said her persistent cough had cleared up since she moved here and she never knew the sky was so beautiful.When I was bringing her back through some back roads, she became super excited to see the little goats so I pulled over and we fed them some pretzels. One was pregnant and looked like she was going to pop any minute. Kena kept calling me Noni's friend so I finally told her she could call me what Brenda's children call me - Nana. She took me at my word and I think I'm officially Nana to her now. Her Noni came over for a glass of wine and for us to get caught up after I got home. After BigD said he was going to grill some pork chops, we called her hubby and told him to come by on his way home from work so they could eat with us. I love impromptu dinner parties you don't have to clean up for - don't you?


  1. Glad I pitched the idea of cleaning my house and joined you for the day! We had a great time! Kena wants to know when she will see you again, so that's a good sign :) It was HOT but the breeze was lovely!

  2. who is Rosemary??? and why does Katrina call her mom. LOL

  3. And why do I keep doing that?


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