Saturday, October 9, 2010

Obituaries, family and old friends, tears and laughter........again

Page was planning to work at home Friday and I was planning to get some much needed rest and try to get a few things done before Kurt, Leah and Page2 got here. I was enjoying my first cup of coffee when Ruth called to say they were getting ready to walk out the door to the funeral home!!! SO - got up, pulled some clothes on, brushed my teeth and put on a baseball cap. Ruth's Mom made sure everything was the way she wanted it after which we left. I came home to a clean kitchen, made bed and sweet daughter. My niece, her hubby and Dorothy Dog came by to see Page, bring my flash drive and to pick up some shoes Page brought her. Dorothy is such a special friend - Dee saved her life twice and even though she now only has three legs - she is a very happy and pampered little girl.Miya was not as happy to see Dorothy as we were. Doesn't her hair look nice and full? Actually, Dorothy didn't really bother her that much and preferred to be on our screened porch with BigD and her bone.Of course I had to get a new picture of BigT and Page - he is so in love with my daughter. There has always been a very special relationship between Dee and Page just as there was between me and Dee. She was my first niece and I have loved her like my own.How can you not love that beautiful face? She introduced me to Esty among other things. I'm so happy she seems so happy with her hubby, home, wonderful animals, beach retreat and career. Her Mom is the one who influenced a lot of my young life and is also my "sister-sister" which makes her very special to me.Ruth came over to see Page and be with us until Kurt and his family came in. It has been a long time since she has seen the kids plus she really needed a break. She was also pleased to see Dee and her hubby. While we were at the funeral home, I lined her up an appointment "again" to get her hair cut and colored and we all liked it. She said she did too. Dee and hubby had to leave before Kurt got here but we all enjoyed being together. Dee has promised to find the elusive pictures for me so I can start scanning. Kurt, Leah and Page2 arrived not long after they left and we all ate some BBQ ribs and potato salad. I called Ruth's daughter Ami and told her to come over too. She and Page got caught up while Ruth and I enjoyed watching them - all of us laughing so hard it hurt long into the morning. I think they left around 2:45AM!

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