Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coconut Cake....yum

Leah called me this week to see if we like Coconut Cake and I had to share with her that it is one of BigD's favorite cakes. He has fond memories of helping his Mom crack the coconut, picking out and shredding the meat and drinking the fluid. His Mom could add sugar and eggs to anything and it was good. She read me the recipe she found that had over 2000 excellent ratings and after I heard it I understood why. We were not disappointed - it is delicious. Thank goodness it has been cool enough to leave it out on the porch because there is no room in the fridge. BigD cooked spaghetti for dinner and it was excellent as always. Today has been a very lazy Saturday with family and now Leah and Kurt have gone to the beer/bonfire gathering they came down for. Hope they get some good pictures. I just realized this tree stood out to me because there are so few that have really changed so far this year. Hopefully we will see more color over the next week since it has finally cooled down some.A friend had a call downtown yesterday and I looked out the window and
there it was - a CHICKEN! It was very pretty and when I would make the little clucking noises, would run toward me which terrified my friend. Sorry - couldn't help but laugh. I wanted to share a few pictures of some knit boots and some shoes Leah bought Page for school. She also brought one of the tops her Mom bought for her - so pretty. We were looking online for a pair of nice leather boots for her to wear to school but so far nothing we really like (that we can afford). We also looked at some skirts and are thinking we may need to get a pattern and let someone make her a few. She just keeps getting taller but no bigger. I gave her the little necklace I ordered for her. It is a heart with a small crystal in the front and then on the back it tells her how much her Granmommy loves her. Leah also brought me these lovely Spray Roses. We loved the varigated color of them. I do love me some fresh flowers! Have I mentioned before what a sweet daughter I have in Leah? If not, let me mention it now - she is wonderful. Poor Miya - Kurt got tired of watching her sleep and started using her head as a target for the rings we have that go with one of our games. Poor baby - hard to look dignified with a ring around your face. Bad Kurt!Maybe I need to make him read one of my signs on the porch? Nah - one thing I don't doubt about Kurt is how much he loves cats - especially Miya and her brother Hiro.So that's our weekend so far. Got to put Page in the shower before it gets too late. BigD is starting supper - shrimp, taters and salad. As soon as the race is over, we will put on a program Page likes so we can all be in the same room together. :-)

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