Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunrise - Sunset ......

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days..Wow - time is really passing quickly these days as they grow shorter. I packed what I could Sunday night and finished most of it and got it in the car Monday before leaving for the graveside service for Ruth's brother. I had to drop something off at Jer's for a friend, run another errand and try to get there before everyone was seated. It was a lovely memorial with music and doves. It was so nice to see Ruth's son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter before I left. I picked up Miya, her kitty litter and medication and drove straight to EI without even changing out of my dress. The drive was great once I got past the traffic of Raleigh and the sun set right before I reached the coast. I felt my blood pressure go down right as I crossed the bridge. Tuesday was a long day in service with some nice new friends. We worked this young brother's territory and between the two of us found quite a few people home. We had another sister join us for the afternoon and we made some of her calls and she showed us where the new KH will be built. After we got home, we both took a nap. We went over to a nice restaurant across the bridges for dinner. I had a nice glass of wine with she-crab soup, salad with homemade blue cheese dressing and a sweet potato muffin and we shared a piece of Mississippi Mud Pie. Everything was delicious except for the pie. The young brother joined us again this morning for service. We stopped for a break and he ordered a delicious looking reuben so Eileen and I ordered one to go for lunch. It was quite yummy with chips and a pickle. Everyone was planning to go in so we came on home and ate it. Eileen took a nap after which we studied for the meeting tonight. After that, we took a nice walk on the beach - YUM! I decided to put my poor foot into the ocean to see if it would work it's magic. So far, nothing has worked its magic. I spoke with a brother tonight whose wife told me had a bad fire ant bite. He told me it was just going to take time - it is still red and with a larger pocket around the two bites which has gotten bigger. Maybe I'll put it in the ocean again in the morning? It was a great meeting tonight - lots of energy in this small congregation. We were going to a new Italian place for dinner but had pizza delivered which was great. Eileen didn't notice little Daisy had followed me toward to water and before we knew it, her hind legs were all wet. She is the sweetiest little yap yap dog - so loving. So far, Miya is barely tolerating her - and considering she keeps eating Miya's food, I'm just happy for small favors.A tiny flower in the sand.Some hardy yellow flowers on the beach.The ravages of sand, sun and salt air on an old wooden fence among the beauty of wildflowers on the beach.My sweet Miya laying in on the floor while the sun sets behind the blinds - she has been such a sweetie.And the sun setting on another day in paradise.......


  1. JEALOUS!!! Love the release coming over the bridge. Chelsee and I started a tradition about 10 years ago. As we go up the bridge we take a deep breath. At the peak where we can see the ocean we exhale and leave all our worries behind. Glad you two got to go. Glad your food gets some therapy. Where did you get the she-crab soup? Daddy, Mama and I used to follow this guy in M. becaused his was so thick and rich. He retired. We tried several places but yet have not found anything to compare. It looks like you may have found some. Where? Where? Enjoy!

  2. I only wish I could get down more often. We ate at Riverside Steak and Seafood - they don't always have the she-crab soup so it would behoove you to call ahead. Don't order the Mississippi Mud Pie - not what you would expect - some kind of ice cream pie. Salad with home made blue cheese, soup and muffin were all great.


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