Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colonoscopy ---- check....

BigD came through his 5 year colonoscopy with flying colors!!! Poor baby - as anyone who has had one knows, the worst part is the anticipation and day before prep. Dr. MaryBeth was very pleased - did mention something from his surgery and that he has a few small spots of diverticuli but nothing to be concerned about and no polyps! WooHoo! He was starved so I drove us to
iHops and we had a big breakfast after which he has been napping off and on all day. Dr. MaryBeth did mention several times how much he snored. I have continued moving programs from my old laptop to my new one so that my computer guru can do his magic on it for Page. I also need to open up my new scanner and check to see if it has the capability to scan slides. I called Naoki to see how he did the ones from when we were all younger and he said his dad bought one that had a slide scanner attachment. He then mentioned that if mine doesn't work, I can always plan a little trip up there to use theirs. Sweet. I want to scan all the slides of Keith's grandmother for her children to have on their computers. I do have an ulterior motive however - everyone that was there looking at them kept telling me how many there were of Page and Kurt when they were small and I would LOVE to have those as well as of so many other friends in them. It was very overcast yesterday but we still had a great day in service. Keith stayed with us all day and I was very excited about that. It seems like it has been forever since we worked together. I love my cell phone camera. I had to snap this unique mailbox on one of the streets we worked. Those who don't plow - read. I was setting the alarm on BigD's phone for this morning and looked through his pictures. I HAD to post this one of his friend and his baby girl - Sassy! Everytime I look at it, I laugh out loud. I love a self-confident man who isn't ashamed of how much he loves his baby girl.I ran across two more I thought I would share. One of my favorite of Page and Page on our favorite beach in December when she was just a little one.....and one of Page and our beloved IT. I wonder if she will remember him?

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