Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elusive sleep, vermin and insects

Yep -I'm going to feel rotten in the morning. I have a 9am appointment for acupuncture and an 11:30am appointment with my oncology nurse practitioner and I'm still wide awake.  Dwight and Miya have both been snoring for hours now. It is past time for me to take my pain med so maybe I'll get to sleep easier after I take it. Tonight is the first time since my surgery that I gave Miya her heart medication. She is so heavy now. I am giving her the "lite" formula food so hopefully that will help a little.
I ordered a new GPS system tonight. Mine was stolen when our car was broken into so I called Paul to get an idea of what to buy.
I bought the one he just got for his lovely wife and the mount and charger to go with it. I got it on sale so will be glad to have it in the car for the future. I love to use it when I go for one of my "rides". I start turning on country roads I've never been on before and just let the car take me where it will. Then I turn the GPS on and let it bring me back home.
It seems like about once a year we have a visitor in the form of a little mouse. Dwight buys mouse traps and tells Miya they are going "mouse hunting". So far, only one shows up but it is a pain. We have to take all the bread and chips out of the drawer and throw them away and wait to see if more show up before putting anything back together. I noticed movement above me and it was a big bug crawling across the ceiling which then flew down to the top of the entertainment system.  Dwight was snoring up a storm so I got the fly swatter and killed least I think I did. I never saw it again. Every so often, we have cave crickets show up. Since we got Miya, they have been small ones and we see them after she has "taken care" of them. Usually missing a leg or two. I was sitting here getting ready to take my medication and go to sleep when THIS
crawled up beside my left arm on the chair. Needless to say, my butt muscles catapulted me out of this chair in a nanosecond while I was trying not to scream my head off.  Dwight got up and "took care of it" posthaste. Now I'm wide awake again and my skin is still crawling. Brrrrrr.

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