Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the "this is getting old" routine....

All the kids have gone home and now it's back to keeping up with medical appointments. Several of the friends stopped by yesterday after service. It was nice to see all of them but especially Gail. She said they all had a good time in NY. I missed her. I shared with her how funny the girls were when they were cleaning the house. They wanted to live up to her standards. On top of the acupuncture and therapy I had to schedule a visit with my "other" Oncologist who keeps up with my Follicular Lymphoma. My primary doctor's office called to say they had a cancellation and did I want to come early for my physical. I said - sure - what the heck. What are two more appointments - one to get blood work done and the other for the physical. It's funny because I had just called my primary doctor on his personal line Monday. I knew he wouldn't be at work and it had been a long time since I had called in an update with what is going on. He shared something personal about his family that made me feel sad. His Dad was my primary physician from the time I was around twelve until he retired and I was handed off to his son. I went to high school several years with his older sister. That coupled with him being the primary for a large part of mine and BigD's family makes him our friend also. He is about the only doctor who has his own practice by himself in our area.
I had acupuncture today and it went much better than last week.  I still have a long way to go. When I told her the last session wasn't as good as the first one, she explained more about how it works and that at times, the needles "stir up or make angry" the area she is working on. She spent a lot of time with me today and painted word pictures with a soothing voice of how "cooling" the needles were going to be as I did my "Lamaze" breathing. :-) I mentioned that I had a headache and after the visit it was gone. She put a little of the oil on my forehead and it burned. It didn't burn on my neck though. Strange. I almost laughed when I thought to myself, "I wonder when I will be able to push".  I was a little upset that I got lost after BigD dropped me off.  I guess I never paid attention to which way we walked and I ended up in a large bathroom with lockers. There was a woman getting ready to take a shower who told me how to come
into the quiet room from the back wall.  I came in around the same time BigD walked in from the front. I'll just wait out front for BigD from now on. I have enough to think about without adding this kind of confusion to it. BigD went to get the car and I stopped in their little shop and bought the oil she uses on me. I have also ordered it but it was cheaper there so I went ahead and bought a second bottle. I might share it with the kids.  Keith came by after service and before he went on a new study. We walked around the yard. Sadly, one full time around and to the end of the driveway wore me slap dab out. That shows how badly I need to do it. We have tons of clover in our yard now. I'm not sure where it came from because we never have had it.  It reminded me of my childhood home - especially all the bees. It kind of creeped me out as I had a flashback to all those summers I stepped on a bee and was out of commission with a foot the size of a football for three or four days.  My Dad would scrape the stinger out
and tell me that meant the bee would die too.  Of course that isn't true. If my Dad's Mom was living with us at the time, she would run out and take some of the snuff in her lip out and smear it on the place I was stung. If she wasn't there, Daddy would take a cigarette out, slip the paper off, moisten the tobacco leaves and put them on it. If neither one of them was there, Mom would make a paste with baking soda. All of it was supposed to draw out the poison. I'm still having a hard time keeping the pain under control. It really was nice outside today - not too hot at all.
The flowers Ann planted are looking pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing Roseanne tomorrow and Page Saturday. I hate we have appointments on the Monday she has off but I have to go on that day or not at all because I wouldn't have anyone to take me. Oh well - reason number 445 why I shouldn't be allowed to be the one that makes/keeps up with the appointments. I looked at Page's flights and realized she isn't leaving until late afternoon to go home on Thursday.  Yea!!!!   I'm still thinking about making an appointment for Miya with the cardiologist.  I'm worried about her weight gain and the night I heard her wheezing a little bit when she was sleeping on me.  They might need to change her dosage on her medication.
I will end this post with an Emily Dickinson poem:

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee
And revery.
The revery alone will do


  1. I'm glad that your recent visit to the acupuncturist was better than last time. I'm still thinking about doing it myself.

    1. I hope you can. I would check around for prices - I'll be glad to refer you to the one I go to.


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