Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yeah - I'm more than a little disappointed in myself today. I was SO hoping I would get to the meeting today.  I really thought I would be up to it. It has taken until just a little bit ago to get the pain under control today. Eileen came by after the meeting and massaged my neck for me and that helped. She will be heading back down East by the end of the week and even though I will miss her, I am so happy for her. Her dream of moving down there is getting closer every day. They have been doing some work on their home here to get it ready to sell and I love it.
She has a natural talent and could get a job staging model homes in new developments. I enjoyed listening to the meeting and WT study but it really isn't the same as being there. I'm not giving up. Keith told me to remember how he came by this past Wednesday and kidnapped me. I made him drive my car and off we went. We rode out into the country and stopped by to see Ann, Boy and Biscuit who were pulling into their house as we approached it. I didn't get out of the car but she was happy to see that I was out and about.
She ran into the house and came back out with these two huge Peony blossoms she had just picked. I guess she remembered how much I love them.
She shared this picture of Boy singing at school with his class.  He has brown hair and is looking right at the camera with a big smile. Such a sweet little boy.  Mark drove up looking for the lawn mower and was so kind.  I made him give me a little hug and he was so careful not to hurt me. Yesterday was a busy day - some of the car groups stopped by while out in service (not all at one time)and I really enjoyed seeing everyone.
As you can see, Miya has to greet everyone and make sure she rubs up against them as much as they will let her. She is the most social cat I've ever had I think. Karen and Amy were in the second group and came back with these beautiful flowers Karen had picked from her yard.
She was going to come back and do something with them but I haven't seen her yet. I love them just like they are. We had a HUGE rain last night so that might have delayed her. I also love the vase they are in. It is so unique but then again, so is Karen.  A very special young woman with beautiful red hair.  As a matter of fact, I think she is the only one of the eight children who got her Mom's red hair. 
Deb and Pam took GG down to Florida this past week to visit her oldest son. She is going to be there for two weeks. This is her great granddaughter and her on the beach. Does she look like an 82 year old woman? NO!! Her son sent it to me with his telephone. I hope it is a good visit for her. Her youngest son just stopped by. He is getting treatment for cancer and looks great. They got all of his and he is still doing some chemo but really looks and sounds good. Just called the library to get on a waiting list to read Margaret Maron's latest book. Roseanne will come home this evening from her daughter's so she can work Monday and Tuesday. She left Garry to help Bri because she isn't allowed to pick her youngest baby up for two weeks and her toddler for 6 weeks after having an emergency appendectomy so it is going to be a little rough. Roseanne will go back to help Wednesday and Thursday.

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  1. I am wondering how long it has been since you started this "little adventure". Another sister told me that her doctor said that you have to give cancer a year of your life. Sadly it seems to be true. I guess we should say happily it seems to be true. Again the half full, half empty thing. My daughter has had a bunch of health problems but she wants to get pregnant again (Arrggghhhh)so she started getting acupunture. Strangely it has helped with a phobia she has had all her life. So I guess if you can afford it, it's certainly worth a try. I have just finished reading a bunch of your posts so excuse if it's jumbled. So are you done with the chemo now? How wonderful your garden looks already, you saw in my pics what gardens here are still looking like. We have a no plants until May long weekend which in Canada is usually around the 24th. You can seed before that. So all of a sudden everything will be flowers. I'll send more pics of the garden next door. Was one of the bright spots of coming here! I just know you are a wonderful person by the loving and faithful friends you have. Your efforts to have family study and hook up to the meetings are so admirable and certainly there is a lesson in there for all of us. Thank you my dear. I'm glad you are able to describe some of what you are going through. It's such a help for those of us out here to understand what you are going through. Boy if we ever do get together we are going to have a ton of stuff to talk about. Take care and we'll chat later.:)


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