Saturday, May 12, 2012

Overdose .... of TV that is

I have become so used to being in the room with the TV on 24/7 too long.  I will know when I need to stop sleeping in the living room.  It will be when I can't get to sleep because of the TV.  BigD has always wanted to leave the TV on in our bedroom all night and it drove me nuts.  Just could not go to sleep with it on. I know the reason it doesn't keep me awake now is all the medication I've been taking.  As soon as I get  completely off the drugs, I'm sure it will drive me nuts again.
I went on FB today and found this picture Dee had sent me. My Mama. I'm sure this was taken at one of our family reunions in Wake Forest.  I remember this dress but I mostly remember her smile and laughter.  She always had a joke to tell you.  Sometimes they were a little....hmmmm.....trying to find the right word....! Let me just say she heard most of them at work.  She worked the night shift at Liggett and Myers until she retired.  She loved telling BigD the ones that would make his face turn red.  All of our friends who used to spend time with us in our home loved Mama too. She survived raising five women who all had different personalities.  She and Daddy got married young and were together 47 years.  When he died, she told me she had lost her Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, and baby girl and that she had never hurt as much as she did when he died.  I know I have written about Mama on here before.  She is in my heart and I think of her every day.

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  1. Love that smile. Wish I could have known her. I'm sure her dirty jokes would have kept me rolling :)


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