Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family and long weekend...

I love long weekends - especially those that bring my family to me. As of last night, all my babies were in the house! Kurt and family got here last night because he had to work.
Kurt sent me this picture of Page2 sound asleep in the back seat with her beloved Hiro.
Leah gave me these cute kitty earrings.  We do love our cats in this family.
I LUV Page's "graduation from elementary school" picture. I think it is so sweet they make a big thing out of this.
Page2 and Leah gave me a new Matryoshka doll that I luv, luv, luv. I also love the one Page2 got for herself.
I can't believe how tiny they make the smallest little dolls. BigD made one of his famous new recipes of pasta with mild italian sausage and chicken breast in a cream sauce. Everyone loved it as usual.
Having Thid in my house two days in a row has been a real treat. Page made two big batches of fudge - one for him and Page2 without nuts and the other one full of pecans for everyone else. Page and Bentley had just left for their walk when he got here but
Kurt has really enjoyed getting caught up with him. Roseanne sent me a text message telling me she and Garry will stop by to see the kids around 4pm. Ann, Lee, Boy and Biscuit are coming over this afternoon also. Yea!!!!!

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