Friday, May 11, 2012

Rescue, Acupuncture, Surgeon, GG, Kurt.......

I received a picture via telephone from Rie today. I am so happy when I hear from her or see a picture on FB she has posted. I still miss her so much but feel good that she likes where she is now.
She sent it with the following message: "Look at what we rescued in service today! I have never been this close to a baby deer. We were way out in the country today - it felt like unassigned territory. Love Rie". I know how much she loves all animals so I can only imagine how excited she was to help this little one. I scheduled my appointment to receive acupuncture for next week.
I don't think my insurance will cover it and it is very expensive but both my nurse practitioner and surgeon think I should do it. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he said they have had a lot of success in stimulating the salivary glands so I'm really hoping it works. He examined my throat real good but had a problem because of all the "gunk" (his word) down there. So after using a tiny suction tube he was able to see that it still hasn't completely healed which is the reason for some of the pain. He was glad to see I was going to see a Physical Therapist for my neck next week. He thinks it will help get the lymph fluid out of my neck area which causes that pain. The thrush is still running rampart in my mouth and that is getting real old.
I don't think you would like to look at a picture of the actual thrush I've had on my tongue for about 6 weeks now. lol Deb stopped by today and we talked more about GG and the plans for her.  GG will stay another week in Florida with Tony and his wife Andy while they try to get things ready. Andy is a Geriatric Physician and is going to help explain where they are taking her.  We are all feeling a lot of sadness but I can tell her children are trying to do everything for her in the right way.  BigD and I want to support them any way we can. I can only imagine how hard this is for  them.  They are all planning to be there and Deb said she may even spend a night or more with her to start with.  I so hope this works out so everyone  will know she is safe.  We are going to miss her - she has been stopping by every day since I've been sick.
We had a short but sweet visit from Kurt today.  He took the day off and drove down to go to a concert with his lifelong friend. They are going to see a band they both have loved for a long time - Archers of  Loaf. The band got their start at the Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill. He will spend the night with Kev but stop back by on his way home tomorrow evening.  I hope they have fun.

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