Sunday, May 27, 2012

Diamond, Pearl, Gold....

I asked Page to bring me my diamond ring, pearl ring, wedding band and BigD's wedding band from the bedroom to see if I could wear them.
This is the diamond BigD bought me from Wayne when he worked at Jones and Frasiers Jewelry store in November of 1965. I have never seen a setting I have liked better than this one. BigD has never been able to wear his ring for any length of time because of the kind of work he does. I had it sized down for me quite a few years ago.
I bought this pearl ring from Wayne and he designed the setting which I love also. The small band is my original wedding band. When BigD bought my diamond, I was so surprised because I had told him to not worry about an engagement ring because they cost so much and I would be happy with just a plain wedding band. It isn't the biggest diamond - a little over half-karat - but it catches light beautifully. I have always loved my diamond but can't help but wonder--when did my hands start looking so OLD????? Page also cleaned Ann's diamond earrings she gave me so I had her help me put them in my front holes. Since I haven't been wearing any earrings in those holes for almost 8 months, I was afraid they would grow back. It was tight putting them in so I'll just leave them in like the smaller diamond earrings in the back holes for the time being.

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