Monday, May 21, 2012

Disappointing week so far.....

It has been a disappointing week so far. By Saturday I was right back where I was before the acupuncture. I've been trying to do my therapy but it doesn't last for long. The only thing that helps the pain is drugs. I take the smallest dose of Oxycodone in liquid form mixed with water every 4 hours but lately have really needed it again by around the 3rd hour. That means it takes awhile to get the pain under control every time. I am also still having coughing, dry heave "episodes" every time I am even a little bit active. I was disappointed that I felt too bad to be at the meeting on Sunday. I didn't even feel good enough to listen in. I've been waking up in the middle of the night and then sleeping late because I don't get right back to sleep - even if I take the Oxy.
Kurt sent this picture via telephone when he went in for his skin cancer screening appointment. I want everyone in my family to do this every year. I have been doing this myself for quite awhile but only had the one on my nose show up. I'm still going several times a year for awhile and they are being quite diligent about making sure the Melanoma doesn't manifest itself on my skin. I only have two appointments this week on Wednesday morning. BigD will be going fishing as soon as we get home and will be back on Friday morning. Deb is going to spend the night with me Wednesday and Thursday and I'll ask some of the sisters to stop by and check on me during the day until she comes to stay at night.


  1. Oh Trish. I don't understand people like you:) You are still healing, if you need the Oxy you should take it and stay ahead of the pain girl. That's all my advice for now:) It's only been 8 months? It seems like forever, probably more to you. We are getting settled but today have both completely hit the wall of exhaustion. I've been having back spasms since yesterday so I am totally taking the meds. Hard to breathe sometimes when it's that bad. Only happened once before so I guess I'm ahead. Your picture looked awesome. You are an amazing woman my dear. I love people who actually love people even when they are so sick. I'm a hider. Oh perfection soon please. TTYL my dear.

  2. So bright and shiny

    1. It makes me giggle to see it wiggle. :)


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