Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Was it too much to hope for?

If you look back a few months, you will see a picture of my hand and a comment about how excited I've been that my fingernails have looked good and been strong for the first time in my life. I was having to file them down every 5-7 days because they would get too long. Then one of the thumb nails split right at the bottom so I had to trim it and it looked funny. Then I noticed my pointer fingers were having a similar problem. First it was a tiny little place right where the white started. I was careful hoping it would grow without tearing more. Then the other one did the very same thing but it was obvious that I wouldn't be able to grow it out.
I realized I needed to cut them both and just let them grow back. I had also noticed my cuticles were doing well also and I didn't have to keep pushing and sometimes clipping them. After I cut the two nails, it was obvious I needed to cut them all so they wouldn't look so ridiculous.
So cut them I did. As I was cutting and filing them, I noticed my cuticles aren't looking too good. What the heck??? I wondered why they were getting so long and strong and never could figure it out. Was it one of the medications I'm taking? Was it the Ensure I drink every day? If so - why are they reverting back? I haven't stopped taking anything. Any ideas out there? I'm going to miss my pretty nails. Was it too much to hope for that they would be nice, strong and easy to maintain?

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  1. It appears that some cancer treatments cause nails to grow faster and healthier for a time. Looks like that's what helped you. Maybe as your medications lesson, the effects slow down or wear off?


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