Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome visitors.....

I had some welcome visitors this week. My dear friend from down East came up Thursday to spend the night with me. I was so excited to see her. Since Bri came down Thursday also, I asked Roseanne to bring her and the girls over so they could all see each other. I was so relieved to see Bri since she has been having so many health issues - I really wanted to see for myself that she is doing better.
This is an older picture of Bri but trust me, she looks great even when she is sick. She is better but still sore and weak. We will all be so glad when she has finished her treatments and healed completely. It has been a rough time for this sweet family.
Fran is always beautiful. I love her smile and bright eyes. I tried my best to get her to stay one more night but her hubby was missing her at home. She wants me to come down for an extended visit again. I had a wonderful time when I visited her a few years ago. I will be so happy when I feel like traveling again. How about when I don't have to have pain meds and can drive again? That is a big goal!!! BigD cooked a pot of spaghetti and his delicious garlic bread.  They all seemed to enjoy it. Fran brought some wine, fresh strawberries and dark chocolate.  Man, I'll be glad when I can taste food again!!!!
We can't forget June and Rose. They are so cute and Bri had matching outfits on them. Click on the top picture of June to see her sweet little smile.
Fran snapped this picture of Princess Miya on my lap Friday. She sleeps on me a lot during the day and night.  Sadly, I think I lost another day.  All of Roseanne's children came to town to have their annual Family Dinner together. I sent all of them a text message this morning saying I hoped they had a good time at their Family Dinner and started gettings responses telling me it is supposed to be tonight - not last night.  Wow - I'm losing it.

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