Tuesday, May 15, 2012


"prog·ress (prgrs, -rs, prgrs)1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance. 3. Steady improvement" I'll have to admit that I have been challenged this week so far regarding the word I was told to focus on by not only my radiologist, but also by my surgeon and nurse practioner, regarding my progress. That word is TIME! Today has been an up and down kind of day emotionally. Physically, it has been difficult because of the pain. I have not been able to bring the pain under control at all. On the plus side, I have been more mobile today and have worked on using salt water and baking powder rinses in my mouth. I got some good news from Page - she is going to fly up and work out of the Raleigh office the week BigD goes fishing. She will fly up on that Saturday, be off Monday and work Tuesday and Wednesday. She will then fly home Thursday. She also had some good news to share regarding her job.
My friends who were assigned to serve in Washington State near Seattle are being assigned back to Texas near the friends they used to serve there with. The climate will be much better for Marj's health. They traveled down to visit and see where they would be living. I know the friends in Texas are so excited to have them back with them. I got the feeling they were very excited about their upcoming move.
I received this picture from Eileen saying how excited she is to finally have the pickets on her deck she has been asking for. She has to be so excited to know she is coming closer and closer to her dream of living there full time. I will miss her so much but I will also be  happy for her. She has brought so much love to me during the last 8 plus months of disruption to my everyday life.
I received this lovely message from a young man who visited me this past Sunday after the meeting. He sent me the loveliest message via text message yesterday and then today I received this one. I'm very proud of him and hope he continues in his endeavors to learn more and be able to make his life more positive every day.

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