Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday all day long...

I slept pretty good last night and woke feeling a little better which is good - considering how long it was between the pain meds. The only downside to that is it takes longer to bring the pain back under control. I worked on my neck myself as much as I could and then BigD agreed work on it for a few minutes. It really does help for awhile. Judy brought me a book several weeks ago and I finally just picked it up and read it this afternoon. I finished it a few minutes ago. It is the first time I've read anything like this in a long time. I wish it didn't have the "salty" language AND it wasn't as funny as the earlier ones were.   
I called my local library yesterday and had my name put on the waiting list for Margaret Maron's latest book. She told me they have Janet's #18 on the shelves too so I may see if someone will take me over to pick them up. I spoke to Roseanne today for a few minutes. She sounded good which made me feel better. Hopefully Bri will be able to take this time to recover and be as good as new in a few months.  I told Roseanne that I have decided to adopt one of her "coping" phrases for myself - "it is what it is". I guess that pretty much sums things up - right? We both laughed. I sent a text message to Pam and Deb asking if they got home from Florida alright. Heard some disturbing news about a friend tonight. Can't talk about it but can't stop thinking about it either.  Hope it isn't as bad as it might be - putting it on the back shelf for now. Talked to Leah and Page tonight.  They both sounded good.  I especially love hearing Page sound so rested and relaxed. I miss all my babies!

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  1. sounds to me like baby steps to feeling normal again! I'm so happy! We just had our CO visit last week and it was WONDERFUL! Brandon gave a "wow" talk at the meeting last Tuesday. Hoping to get up to VA this weekend to see Briana and everyone else. Love you!


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