Sunday, May 13, 2012

A good day....

I can honestly say today was a good day.  I decided I was going to the meeting even though my morning was kinda rough.  I called Vera to tell her and she fixed the chair on the back row beside the wall for me.  BigD dropped me off and I got there in time for the prayer.  Keith sat beside me for a little bit and about half way through the WT study, I knew I had to go.  Keith and Lin walked me outside and I called BigD to pick me up.  I got outside just in time to have an "episode" that had ended by the time BigD got there. I'll have to admit - I was EXHAUSTED but happy I made it. After I rested a bit, I visited my deck to check on the flowers.
These two looked really good. We have been having rain almost every evening so they are well watered.
BigD joined me and we walked in the back yard for a few minutes. We planted this little rose busy the year we moved in here back in June of 1975. The small magnolia tree above it started growing as just a little twig when the people across the road took a back hoe to their huge magnolia tree in the front yard. Seeds and pieces of that tree blew all over the place and this one took hold.
See the honeysuckle and the small wisteria tree? They are in a natural area out back. Now that Rie and Brian have moved, I guess we will just let this part stay wild. He had tried clearing it out but nature has a way of surviving. Too much poison oak in there for me.
Page sent me this picture of Page2 via telephone with the caption "Sweet, brilliant and beautiful. How did we get so fortunate?" I have to agree with her. Vera and her hubby visited me yesterday and I gave her hubby a small picture of Page2. Several years ago she was with me for a few weeks. When Vera's hubby and another elder were in the back seat with her, she chatted with them about all kinds of things. She mentioned a science project she did and they both wanted me to send them the pictures of it.
I snatched this picture from Sher's FB - evidently, Miya had taken her chair and according to Sher, made matters worse by sticking her tongue out at her. LOL That's my girl.  BigD has been so good about making sure she gets her heart medication every night.

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  1. I'm so happy that you made it to your meeting! Baby steps!! i'm so happy it's raining everyday for the flowers sake ;) Love you!


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