Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary....

I can't believe I started my blog 3 years ago today. I never dreamed I would have kept it up all this time. I've never been able to keep or maintain the many journals I've started through the years. I always throw them away within a few months. I think it is safe to say, I'll probably be keeping this up at least until I am completely healed if that ever occurs.  I went for my second acupuncture treatment Wednesday and was so disappointed.
I just knew I would feel great on Thursday like I did last week but if anything, I have felt worse. She used different needles and bunched them together more. I did order the White Flower Oil she uses on me. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be and should last a long time since you only use a dot or two at a time. After the treatment on Wednesday, I headed over to see my Oncology Nurse Practitioner.
I heard piano music and we looked down to the bottom floor and an older woman had put her purse down and decided to play. Wow - it made me think of my sister Ann. I so miss our conversations. I need to call Naoki and see if they are still planning to come down in July so I can let the kids know because they will want to see them. My Nurse Practitioner told me she read my Surgeons notes about how my throat is still raw from the radiation. She changed her prediction about my feeling better from this weekend to the end of the year. Yeah....made me real happy. Yesterday was a very busy day - I was paid a visit by my cleaning fairies. Deb went home about an hour before Roseanne came over.  Not long after she arrived,
my two cleaning fairies showed up with their little girls! They worked so hard and really outdid themselves cleaning this cluttered little cottage. They knew Gail would be in NY this week with her entire family and knowing our kids were coming this weekend, they insisted they were going to clean for us. They kept saying things about how they wanted to do it as good as Gail. That will tickle her.  I'll be honest, I have no idea where anything in this house is these days but if I had to guess, it might in the office or be on the chest in my bathroom. I was so moved by how kind these two young mothers have been to me and BigD. As the beautiful Vivian Leigh said in the movie - A Streetcar Named Desire - "I've always counted on the kindness of strangers.." with a strong southern drawl. Of course these two wonderful young women aren't strangers to me and the longer I know them, the more I appreciate how special they are.
I enjoyed their two little girls as always. KennaKat was so excited! She wanted me to see her "picture" album/book her Mom had made for her.
I was blown away with this beautiful book. KennaKat wanted me to see that my picture is in the book! What an honor! It's a picture of me and Roseanne from last summer's District Convention we went to in Roanoke with our children.
Of course Biscuit knows her way around my little house - "mi casa - HER casa"! :-) They are going to come over when all the kids are here. Kurt, Leah and Page2 will come down tomorrow after he gets off work. Page and Bentley got here around 4pm today. They made a stop at our favorite Pizza place and brought it home - they were starved. Later tonight, they went to Page's favorite Chinese restaurant and brought it home. I drank a little Won Ton soup. Just the broth of course but I could almost taste it.
Page noticed this pretty yellow shirt laying on the back of a chair. I told her Thid put the shirt over the drawer he made when he brought it over because it was raining. He told me to keep it so I asked her if she wanted it and Bam! YES! I do love the soft yellow color of it. I think it will make him feel good knowing she loves it. Hope he was serious when he told me to keep it. :)
This is a terrible picture but these are our neighbors. I've known him and his first wife since 1967. I was sent to other congregations through out the years but we would see each other at conventions and his wife would call from time to time. Sadly she had a lot of health problems and died awhile back. He married our next door neighbor and they came over this evening to pick up the shower chair he had brought over for me to use when I first came home after surgery. Page was happy to see him and meet his wife.  She liked that they both seemed happy and I'm sure they are.

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  1. Happy 3rd Blogiversary!! I have thoroughly enjoyed following along these past 3 years. Keep it up! I'm not even going to comment on that terrible picture of myself! ;) Have a great weekend with your kids. Love you :)


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