Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time keeps slipping away....

Okay - I am officially losing it. Evidently the days are getting longer because it was 8pm before I realized I hadn't hooked up for the meeting yet.  Roseanne came over and we had a great time studying which made me feel good knowing we had covered the part I missed. It is so encouraging to me that we do our Family Study together. Page called earlier and sounds so good. She has started working the earlier hours and had already left the office around 4:30pm. She has taken her life back from where she was with her job this past Summer. Such a smart woman my beautiful daughter. It is hot, hot, hot here and not even the middle of May. Don't even want to think about how hot it will be by July and August. I've been walking the hallway some since I haven't been walking like I should. I also meandered out to my beautiful deck to look at all my beautiful flowers.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE dragonflies. It's just something about them that draws me to them. Of course I love Tinker Bell and all fairies so maybe that has something to do with it.
Ann and Katarina both know how much I love them too so thank you for these two beauties.  I also wanted to share a picture of the sweet bird bath Ann put on the corner of the deck.
One of the sweet things about the bird bath is it complements the little Toad House Ann put out there too. She used to sell these in her lovely shop "From the Garden".
Both times I went on the deck today really bothered Miya. She very seldom cries out loud but she was irate that I was on one side of the door and she was on the other. I had to almost physically push her out of the way to get in without her running past me to the deck. I thinks she wants to explore all the flowers and doo dads that are out there right now.
BigD has been watering the flowers so I'm hoping they will be perfect when Page comes home the last weekend of this month. Roseanne was so sweet to massage my neck for me.  It really helped a lot so I'm looking forward to seeing the Therapist at Duke who hopefully will help me learn how to do it myself.

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