Thursday, May 10, 2012

One step forward, two steps back

That pretty much sums how I feel here on a Thursday night or should I say Friday morning as the clock just read 12:01AM. I will change the time. Had a very busy day. The hospital called to ask if I would change my appointment time from 4pm to 1pm and I said sure. Dr. Scher and Kitty took very good care of me. He puts the scope in my nose better than anyone can so I was relieved there were no residents in sight today. After the appointment, we made our way back to the Main Lobby. BigD told them to bring our car (valet parking) and he ran two building away to pick up a prescription for the patches. They are reducing the amount of meds again. Dr. Scher said my throat was red, raw and full of "gunk". He had to suction just to examine it. I had decided go to the meeting tonight but after walking all over the hospital I was whipped, whipped, whipped. My eyes are crossing so I'll sign off for now and hopefully will remember what I wanted to say....or Not.

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