Monday, May 14, 2012

Nephew, drawers, beautiful eyes....

It seems like every day for the past few days has started out kind of cloudy but then the sun would break forth followed by a shower in the evening. Today started out gray and cloudy followed by a nice gentle but steady rain. I can't say the sun is out but the sky is much brighter right now. It seems we have had a lot of these gentle rains lately which is great for the flowers, lawns and beautiful trees. I had a surprise visit from Wayne, Jr. today. He looks so good! It was raining pretty steady when he came by with both arms full.
He used the drawer on the left as a pattern for the new drawer he built on the right. He wanted to be sure he got it over here before Page comes home in a few weeks. Mama had tagged her antique chifferobe for me when she died. I already had the white iron bed we slept in as children. It is now Page2's bed.  I didn't have anywhere to put the chifferobe so I gave it to Page who loves it also.  Mama kept hanging clothes in the long side, wash cloths and hand towels in the top mirrowed space and towels in the other drawers.  Page had shelves built into the long side and has kept it with her every place she has lived.
This picture was taken in another apartment she lived in before she downsized to the one she is in now. I think he did a great job. She will paint the drawer and chifferobe. I can't wait to see it when she finishes it.  Mama would be happy to know we still love and use the things she loved.
I almost didn't put this picture in. I wanted to get a picture of him but he insisted on getting one of both of us. It is quite blurry but I told him I was going to put in on my blog. He asked me to send a link so he can keep up with what's going on. I hope he doesn't get too bored reading it. I snatched these next two pictures from FaceBook. The one below is a doll Shel saw in WalMart that was almost scary because it looks so much like her little girl - Aila.  Big brown eyes and perfect little mouth.  The second picture below is little Aila - see the resemblance?
Shel posted this one so it would be easier to see the resemblance. SO CUTE!!!!
The other twin is a little boy who looks a lot like his older brother. We are all having so much fun looking at the daily pictures and videos of these two precious little ones. She was 40 years old when she conceived and delivered. As I mentioned before, she also has an almost 16 year old daughter and 8 or 9 year old son. Dear sweet Keith came by after work and gave my neck the best massage ever. I love this young man...

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  1. So great to spend some time with you this afternon! Thanks for sharing your blog with me & No chance of me getting bored with keeping up with it. I Love having something to look forward to! I hope the new drawer does justice to the chifferobe for whom it was & is enjoyed by, Belma & one of her Pearls Pearls~ sid jr. Love You!


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