Monday, May 28, 2012

There were people in the house last night......

We had a very nice visit from two old friends yesterday afternoon. Page and Bentley went for three
mile walks every day they were here. When they got back yesterday, I introduced them to Bentley and told him how when I first started studying and Dwight was away in the Navy, they pretty much adopted me. This was taken at their place up on Hyco Lake. I spent many wonderful hours there when I was younger. Both of my children know about my adventures on the back of my Dad's cousin's Harley from the time I was about 10 - 12 until I was grown. They also know that I don't want them to ride now because it is so much more dangerous than it was 50 plus years ago.
Kurt insisted I walk out to Thid's bike and sit on it for pictures to be made. I only kept these two. He does have a very nice bike - Shorty would have loved it. I did enjoy riding back then before the roads were so crowded. I totally understand Thid's love of it and from the way he talks, I think he is very careful and aware of those around him.
Kurt wanted to get a picture of Page2 on the bike too. He took a lot of them but I liked this one the best. I'm not too worried about her ever wanting to actually ride one though. Page also made a Chocolate Eclair Cake.
I took a picture of it but it disappeared somewhere. Everyone said it was great. There were a lot of people in our little house last night. Ann came over early with her Mom, Boy and Biscuit. She re-planted
some of my pots on the deck. Some of the ones she planted before didn't survive. Of course Boy and Page2 were thrilled to be together and entertained each other until late last night. We all love their friendship. Biscuit did a little entertaining herself by showing the things she had learned at gymnastics. She was so cute. The more we clapped, the wilder she got. I can't wait until she takes ballet! Since it was a long weekend, more people came by to see our children and some of then stayed to associate with the ones who were already here.
Leah made a wonderful crab dip for every one to snack on with different chips. Thank goodness we had picked up more KJ Chardonnay and Beer for everyone. BigD grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and made some baked beans. Kurt had made some white Chili earlier. Lee and Ann's Mom and Dad joined us along with Roseanne and her hubby. Then Judee and Mae came followed by Keith who had just gotten back from NYC! So - let's see - we had Ann, Lee, her Mom and Dad, his Mom and Sister, Keith, Roseanne and hubby, Bentley, Page, Kurt, Leah, Boy, Biscuit and Page2. You can't count me since I didn't eat or imbibe of any of the good stuff.  Oops - I forgot, we also had Rose and Wayne
until right before the food was ready. I was glad to see that Wayne was able to rest a little.   They enjoyed Biscuit's performance too.  Mae worried that I would get too tired but it really did feel good to have so many loved ones around me having their fun. I didn't have to do a thing but sit here and enjoy them. Brought back good memories of other times.


  1. Love it! We almost stopped by, but figured it would be crowded...we were right!! :) glad you were able to spend the weekend surrounded by loved ones.

  2. You know you would have been welcomed.....

  3. A very enjoyable evening. Thanks

  4. Let me know when you're ready for that motorcycle ride. I've got a helmet for you.
    p.s. That yellow shirt looks much more SEXY on Page~!!!;)


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