Sunday, August 12, 2012

Atlantic Beach - Day 1

We are here! Douglas, Jessie and Page drove down to our house late last night and after a good nights sleep we got on the road this morning. Dwight and Douglas loaded up the back of the truck, hooked up the boat and got away about 15 minutes before Jessie, Page, Hiro, Miya and I pulled out. Page got away from Hot-lanta early and felt she would probably be at the cottage by 4pm. The guys took a different route from us and when they called to see where we were - we were ahead of them!  I guess following my new GPS was the best way to go. We made one pit stop for me to run into the rest room at a great McDonald's (new and very clean) while Jessie and Page ordered from the window. It worked out perfectly because as they pulled away with their food, I came out on that side of the building, jumped in the car and we were off again. We pulled into the yard
and Page pulled in about five minutes after us in her cute little rental car
AND it wasn't quite 4pm yet! Dwight and Douglas got here about 30 minutes later. They decided to not put the boat in the water yet since they are calling for rain tonight and Dwight doesn't feel like having to scoop water out of the boat tomorrow morning.
We like the new curtains but have to have light!
We absolutely love this new addition! It is perfect and adds so much more storage and counter space to the kitchen.
After getting everything in and before making beds and unpacking - it was almost critical that I have my chair opened up. Thank you so much Douglas and Jessie for getting it up and ready. I am planning to sleep in the bed tonight if possible. If it works out, I plan to order one of the bolsters like my acupuncturist uses. After sitting in this chair for over an hour at a time, I really think it would be a challenge to sleep in it unless I pad it with more than one quilt. Of course, I also don't have it reclined back as far as it can go so that might help.
I really, really needed to get on the dock. There was a great breeze and the sky was very clear. I love the new crab pots -
After a few more uses, they will look more like this older one. Putting the crab pots out is one of the first things the kids like to do. We usually get enough over a few days to have with other seafood. My entire family loves seafood - especially crab meat. My entire family except for me. It's okay but not my favorite. I like shrimp and scallops but only if they are cooked the right way. Dwight makes a seafood soup though that will rock your world.
I know - not my usual first glass of wine on the dock is it? Oh well - maybe next year.
I know - sad but guess what? I'M HERE!  I am just so happy to be HERE!  I also love my new camera because I took this picture of myself! I think the actual picture looks good.
Note to self - don't smile in your pictures. :)
Another favorite view.
Flash off.
Flash on - wow - it shows everything doesn't it? The window really isn't dirty, it's how the screen shows up. Yep - it is official - I love my new camera. I love my family. I love my dear faithful friends. I love this cottage. I love the dock. I love the Terry family and wish they were here.


  1. YOU MADE IT!!! I am SO happy for you and your family that you made it down this summer!!! You needed this. And note to self :Smile in more pictures, you look lovely :) I hope you all have a fantastic week and I can't wait to see pics. Love to everyone! :)

  2. SOOOO Happy you are there. Relax Enjoy. Love to all


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