Monday, August 27, 2012

This past Saturday

I had some wonderful company this past Saturday. Lin, Randy and the kids all came to see me and BigD. Randy worked on my Kindle Fire while Lin shared with me some pictures they took last week at the beach when she and the kids took her Mom down for a little R&R.
Abi brought me more shells for my little collection. So thoughtful of her. I can't believe how tall she has gotten. The other two pictures were taken in Beaufort, another of our favorite places when we go down East.
Lin insisted on getting a picture of us even though I look so bad. How can I refuse anything this sweet young woman asks?
Drew decided to swing a little in Page's old swing. We put that thing up when Page was just a baby, adding the seat that is on there now when she got old enough to hold onto the rope. I need to get BigD to check and see if the ropes will hold much longer as I would hate for one of the kids to get hurt if they are old and rotten and might break.
I'll close with a picture they took of a "perfect" rainbow. I love rainbows....don't you?

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