Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things that make you go awwwww......

I have written on my blog many times about a very sweet friend of mine - Katrina. She is Marlan's  daughter-in-law, wife to her best friend, mother to two beautiful children and expecting a third, an artist, minister and all around beautiful, talented and wonderful woman.
I follow her blog and was so surprised to see my name as the Title for her post today. Wow - she went on to talk about my not being able to be at the convention this year and how she wanted me to know I was there in spirit.
She then she proceeded to walk around the convention with her camera, taking pictures of the friends who she wanted me to know missed me including this one of Marlan with Katrina's babies. How sweet is that? Jessie called to tell me about Page and her starting at her new school (Middle School!!), meeting her homeroom teacher, getting her locker assignment and walking through the classes she will be changing to. Guess what her first class of the day is? Physical Education! What the heck? She has to buy tee shirt and shorts and that will be her first class. What a way to start the day. Jessie said it was confusing but she has several copies of Page's schedule and a map of where she should be and when. Page asked where the Principal's office was and the teacher pointed it and him out to her. She also pointed out the Vice Principal and Guidance Counselor. So Page asked if she could go speak to them and the teacher said of course. When Jessie was finished talking with her teacher, she walked toward the Principal's office who greeted her with "so, we have met Page!". They had to be impressed with her making the first move to meet them like that.
Wasn't it just yesterday she was on the beach with Auntie Page?
And then she was walking and talking like a big girl overnight. Such a little cutie patootie....
And then we turned around and she had long hair? I think she was three years old in this picture and now she is going to be starting Middle School! I told Jessie tonight that I'm very bitter because I feel like I missed this last year of her being a little girl. She will be 12 years old in September - 12 Years Old! Don't get me wrong, they have been to see us but they have pretty much kept her away from me hoping to prevent me from catching a virus, cold or flu. I definitely didn't need to catch anything (still don't). Another good reason is she doesn't need to see the episodes I have from time to time.  I guess you can tell I am really, really looking forward to seeing this beautiful young woman Saturday. Good Night everybody.....


  1. Hope your dr visit went well today! I can't believe Page is starting ~Middle School~!!! My niece is too :( Love you!

  2. I had acupuncture today. It went very well. Ran into hubby's cousin, his wife and sister-in-law. Thank you.


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